Analyse the exact times, when your restaurant, cafe or bar has the least orders. A restaurant point of sale system becomes your favorite tool: the sales reports specify the slower days and hours, additionally, many offer visuals and graphs to determine the least profitable time of the day.


Advertising is very important, if you aim to drive more traffic. Pay attention to these 3 suggestions, when taking marketing action.

  1. Current Events

Local events bring great advertising opportunities. Even if the event is not next to your business, be aware, if there are any happening nearby. Consider giving a discount or a free item, which could drive traffic to your business before, during or after the event. If planning in advance, add your promotion to the event tickets or flyers.

  1. Weather forecast

The wishes of your customers may change because of the weather. If the sky is cloudy with a chance of rain, it is more likely that they’ll order in, however, a free ice cream is tempting when the summer is at its peak. Create a list of promotions you could do depending on the weather and promote them immediately on your social media channels.

  1. The power of Social Media

As mentioned before, social media is your primary communication with the customers. Right now, having a social media profile is completely free, however, most channels offer paid advertisements for a small fee, which can generate great awareness. You can target a specific age and location, which you would like to reach. Use this opportunity while it’s still very affordable.

What can we learn?

By giving very little you might get a lot in return. Some of the biggest food chains in the world give a very discounted price on a specific item, which later turns into a meal 10x worth the offer. Giving a free delivery on the rainy days or a free ice tea with their lunch wrap can differentiate you from other businesses. Additionally, customers would be more likely to follow your social media pages, as they’d be eager to find out the newest offers. Such flexibility is exciting for the social media followers, as everyone enjoys something “for free”.

Looking for something else?

We hope these tips will help you on the slower days and could also be useful in your daily work routine. Contact us now to learn more about our point of sale system solutions and to learn about our exciting offers.

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