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Accounting Challenges and Solutions

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Behind each business, there’s a great idea and behind each successful business, there’s great accounting management. Accounting is one of the most important parts of the business and can be crucial to its success. We have collected three most common accounting challenges and solutions, which can improve your overall accounting processes. Read the full article to enhance your business accounting potential.


Accounting has evolved from physical shelves full of papers to computers full of Excel Sheet documents. As an accountant, have you ever struggled to find a particular file because you can’t remember the name of it? An accounting system does the organization for you- you can either have all the files securely stored on the cloud or on server, depending on your business needs. Be careful to choose a system, which supports all file sizes and wouldn’t slow you down. Certain systems can personalize options and show only what you actually need. In this way you can use it without any background noise, accessing files fast and easy.


Even though the human interaction is still crucial and mandatory, repetitive tasks are attractive to making errors. This is one of the main reasons, why having an accounting system can be crucial to making no mistakes. The accountant can focus on the data imports, while the software manages the numbers.

It’s common to think, that an accounting system is too expensive to have for a small business, however, cloud based systems are usually available for an affordable monthly fee. For example, Sage Business Cloud Accounts (previously Sage One Accounts) is very similar to the server based systems and offers all the necessary functions.

Keep in mind, that an accounting system cannot replace the accountant- your business still needs a specialist, which will oversee and warn about any potential financial challenges.


Staying aware of expenses is important for a business of any size, however, it can become hard to oversee. Before you lose track, the first step towards following your finances is having a budget. Unexpected expenses can become an iceberg, which eventually sink your business. Creating a credible budget becomes essential to avoid as many unexpected expenses as possible. Additionally to a budget, optimize your existing resources to the maximum. Read this article for further business finance management.

Final thoughts

These are only three of the most common accounting challenges, however, each of these challenges can be linked and resolved with the help of an accounting system. Each business is different, as well as the business needs, therefore, take your time choosing the most appropriate solution. These are the systems Progressive recommends based on the business size:

Already have Sage 50? View your accounting online with WebXtender.

Have questions? Our accounting software specialists will be happy to help, contact us now.

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