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A Guide to Automating Your Business in 2022

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The festive season is fast approaching and you’ll probably soon be drawing up a list of your customers and figuring out what gifts to give them. You’d like to thank them for their continued trust and support, and want to encourage them to stick with you in the new year. This is a reasonable sentiment, and one shared by numerous businesses in Malta.

What if you could give your customers what they truly seek and, simultaneously, reward your staff and improve your business?

Unlike resolutions, these gifts don’t expire in February

Countless studies and reports around the world have shown that flexibility and efficiency help businesses stand out from crowded markets. What’s interesting is that this sentiment is expressed by both customers and employees. Inefficient, antiquated, and a lack of will to adapt are not characteristics of a business that is likely to survive in the long term.

Business automation is no longer a “nice to have”, but is simply a must-have. No matter which sector you operate in, the need for fast, yet accurate results has never been greater. From accounting to inventory management, point of sale to customer service, it has all become interlinked. Being the best has become about understanding your client’s needs more than they do, and, in scale, this is only possible through the right software.

Progressive has a suite of internationally-renowned software applications designed to help you automate your business. LightSpeed Retail, Vend by LightSpeed, LightSpeed Restaurant, Sage, and Odoo, are all available to transform your enterprise into an efficient and flexible business.

Some of the benefits of implementing automation in your business through one or more of these applications include:

Consider how your team would feel if you provided them with the option to work remotely. Imagine the positive reputation you would get if a customer called with an urgent request and you could arrange to have the product delivered and invoiced directly from your tablet. 

What about the savings your business could register by having a system whereby low inventory is automatically re-ordered. This same system can provide reports that guide purchasing managers to order the right products so that they won’t stay long on your shelf.

You’re still in time to automate your business

Even though the change that these applications bring is significant, the transition doesn’t need to be. The team at Progressive has extensive experience in shifting businesses from old and inefficient systems to automated and integrated solutions.

It takes us, on average, a week to carry out the transition and provide the necessary basic training to your staff.

Get in touch with us today to find out exactly how your business can benefit from automation in 2022.

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