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5 Steps To Success: Getting All of Your Business Ducks In A Row

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One of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses when competing with large organisations is the lack of resources that help them improve their margins whilst increasing flexibility.

Fortunately, with the democratisation of business account management software, this challenge can be resolved. What’s more, you don’t need extensive training or technical skills to be able to integrate it into your existing operations.

Making your business life easier with the right software

Business account management software can truly become a part of your business’ story of success. However, not all software is created equal or is appropriate for your specific business needs. It’s unlikely that you adopt a one-size-fits-all approach for your clients, and software is no different.

By selecting flexible and cost-effective business account management software, your business and team will be able to benefit from:

  1. Process automation
  2. Remote working
  3. Full system integration
  4. Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness
  5. Lower costs and higher margins

All five of these advantages are realised when the right software is matched with the appropriate business operations. This is why, apart from providing you with the business account applications, Progressive offers consultancy and advice. Our goal is not simply a sale, but rather, to support the progress of your business throughout its lifetime.

What changes can you expect to see with our management software?

Once we have identified the appropriate software and optional extensions that would best suit your needs and budget, we will carry out the necessary installation and training. Our software is created by top brands, including Lightspeed and Sage.

This means that the training required is usually minimal since consoles and processes are intuitive.

By integrating your new business account management application into your existing processes, we aim to minimise downtime and improve overall automation. There are several ways to witness this change, including the reduction of data entry on multiple systems. It is also possible for different applications to communicate with each other, share information, and reduce manual intervention.

Another determining advantage that can help your business compete with larger competitors is the possibility of remote working. Team members are increasingly looking for additional work benefits that go beyond just remuneration. Working remotely tops this list.

Our management software is designed to accommodate a remote team, providing the right balance between data access and security.

By eliminating unnecessary work and the increased likelihood of errors, efficiency within your organisation will increase. As a result, your administration costs should decrease, improving your overall margins and increasing the effectiveness of your enterprise.

Does this sound like your business in a few weeks?

It only takes a few weeks to determine which software would fit in best with your business, carry out the necessary integration, and provide training.

Start the transformation right now by getting in touch with a member of our team.

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