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3 ways to increase hotel sales

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There are many reasons why your hotel may be lacking sales: guests love the sea view rooms more than street view rooms, the competitors offer cheaper prices, guests choose their stay based on season etc. But is there anything you can do besides waiting for the winter to go away? We have collected 3 suggestions, which are seamlessly connected and should help you increase the overall sales.

1. A unique experience

No matter the stars displayed at the entrance of your hotel, each traveler is seeking an experience. Young families seek children friendly properties, which reflects in the hotel room design, swimming pool safety, restaurant food variety etc. Backpackers are usually only concerned about the tidiness of the room, however, couples or honeymooners may seek an “adults only” type hotel. Present what makes the hotel special and even unique. If your property has the most beautiful sea view rooms, display them. Are all the sea view rooms taken? Offer a free dinner at the rooftop restaurant, which displays the breathtaking view. By offering to give something free, the guest may choose your hotel instead of others, increasing your sales.

2. A strong core

Developing a strong core is essential to sales, which is why we have divided it into 3 more sub- sections.

a) Employees. Having knowledgeable employees may sound simple to have, however, as it is common to hire seasonal employees in the hospitality industry, it also means more training. Having a small employee training time is an essential part for the hotel and it shouldn’t overwhelming. An easy to use hotel property management system is the first step in reaching the goal of efficient training.

b) Hotel Property Management System (PMS). A hotel PMS is the hotel’s employee, which is at the property every hour of each day. Currently, the market offers tens and even hundreds of different hotel software and it’s not easy choosing the most suitable one for your hotel. Choose a system developed by hoteliers and based on your needs- if the hotel is large in size, choose a system which would be able to support the workload. If the hotel has a tight budget, use a cloud based system with a monthly payment. Always focus on finding software, which is excellent with the daily tasks, putting the additional features as a second priority. Avoid overbooking and other errors, which can destroy the guests experience immediately, additionally leaving a bad review for the future guests.

c) Analysis. The final section essential to a strong core is analysis. The hotel software collects data of each guest, allowing you to easily display and make well informed future decisions. How can this increase your sales? Analyze which channels bring you the most reservations and optimize them fully for even more bookings. Don’t forget to monitor your guests- have you noticed an increase of guests traveling in large groups? Adjust your strategy and additionally to your usual target group, aim to attract group travelers as well. Having the right statistics will give you multiple benefits- avoid wasting resources and estimate realistic sales & profitability.

3.Attractive marketing

Marketing is the reason why the guest decides to stay at your hotel instead of others. An analysis will help enhance your marketing efforts as described above. Learn why guests choose your property and highlight these efforts. Increase sales by using this information to customize your offers. For example, if the hotel targets couples, include a special offer for a luxurious couple’s massage. Use marketing to sell the efforts of the promised experience.

If your property targets younger generations, social media is of high importance. Besides the high quality visuals available on the booking channels, use the social media platforms to engage with your guests. Instagram is being used to find the most beautiful places in the destination country and even hotels. Engage with your guests through the platform- kindly ask permission to re-post your guests photos from the vacation and build a rich portfolio. To keep the profile relevant, occasionally post photos of the most beautiful places to visit in Malta.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Progressive offers the leading worldwide hotel property management systems in Malta. Contact us for more information. Looking for a hotel software? Book a free demo now.

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