Lightspeed Restaurant

Manage your entire business, deliver fast and quality service and analyze for further success with Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system.

Sage Business Cloud

The number one simple and secure cloud accounting software, which you can access anywhere and anytime is available in Malta.

Amadeus idPMS

Gain full control of your property with the revolutionary hotel property management system.

Newhotel cloud

The revolutionary cloud based property and hotel management system automates the back office operations for a memorable guest experience. Everything for your hotel business and online sales in one fully integrated system.

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How our products help your business

Sage Accounting Software

Progressive is Malta’s biggest Sage Business Partner. Sage is the preferred choice of businesses worldwide, enabling them to focus on what really matters.


Point of Sale & Handhelds

We offer feature rich POS and handheld software, targeted at the retail and catering industries, providing you a holistic, hassle free and integrated solution.


Hotel Management Software

Our systems are trusted worldwide and combine Front of house, Point of Sale, Spa and Banqueting modules integrated to your online sales.


Why choose our solutions?

Easy to Use

Fast & Reliable Software

Full Control from Anywhere

Comprehensive Integration Options

Server / Cloud Based Solutions


Business management & accounting software

Progressive Information Systems is a leading provider of world class Accounting, Point of Sale and Hospitality software solutions, tailored to meet the needs of small, medium and large sized organisations.

How can we help you manage your business?

With our wide range of different software and integrations, we have both the knowledge and experience to help you improve the efficiency of yourself, your employees and your business.

Our solutions have been proven to help our clients increase the productivity of their businesses by automating certain procedures and providing smoother workflow in other procedures. Progressive offers different sorts of Software Packages to help further enhance your business.


What our clients say

Garret Zerafa

Director at Core / Lure

"We definitely think that lightspeed has the best value for money on the market. We definitely recommend making use of light speed, the setup and the ease of use of it is fantastic. Progressive has fantastic customer support. Their ease of access to making contact with them is phenomenal. They normally reply within 24 hours their hands on and we definitely like to work with such a company."

Daniel Grima

Director at Square Gusto

" The decision to go for Lightspeed was very easy. It offers our employees a pleasant working experience. It gives us flexibility to understand what is happening, both in the indoor and the outdoor section. It's super-fast and easy to use. I definitely give big thumbs up for Light speed and for Progressive."

Keith Spiteri

Director at SaveSmart

"I've been a client of Progressive and a user of Sage Evolution for the past 10 years and frankly, I treat them as part of my business success. Their systems are so user-friendly and very powerful. The information has helped us reduce costs and improve sales."

Oliver Dupont

Director at Coogi`s

Lightspeed gave us the ability to take orders from every corner of the premises. "We can instantly have an overview of our sales - what we sold and at what time and from wherever we are. I would definitely recommend Lightspeed POS and Progressive as they have really helped our business operation."

Pasquale Sansotta

Manager at Madliena lodge

"Since we changed our system and we moved to LightSpeed, we have definitely found a very big Improvement the way we can manage the restaurant. I would recommend Lightspeed POS to every kind of restaurant. It is efficient, fast and gives us a lot of key information that helps better manage."

Maria Bozhinoska

F&B supervisor Prickly Pear

"Lightspeed POS really makes our life easier at work. It’s a speedy point-of-sale system, it is easy to use and you have access to all the tables and orders at all times. It allows for easy communication with the kitchen and the bar. Highly recommended."

Paul Muscat

Tescoma Malta

"We are extremely satisfied with Sage Evolution, XtraPOS and XtraSales range of applications. They are very user friendly and powerful and have made our work so much easier. Progressive’s service is excellent and most importantly they are easy to work with. Keep up the good work!"

Robert Borg Millo

Hotel Manager at Palazzo Consiglia

"The innovative spirit that Progressive offered made them the go-to expert for our most significant projects"

Rachel Alessi

Managing Director at Seashore Cafe

“Lightspeed allows us to take orders straight by using a tablet and it enables us to do upgrades, remove or add products. It is very easy to load the products on the system, and to alter: make products visible or to hide them. It is very addictive!”

Martin Zarb

Director at InFame

“It is very easy to use, very user friendly and very easy for anyone to follow. It’s also very easy for the back office, to insert new prices, to change and add items. We look forward to the many years to come!”

Gilbert Schembri

Head of Corporate at Klikk

“I keep recommending Progressive for the simple reason that it has the best support. Individuals like Alex, who take the time to understand the customer, makes a true effort to provide the assistance one needs and then walks that extra step by accommodating the customer. We always found Progressive ready to help us even after office hours. This company knows their products inside out and the experience they share between the entire team is definitely something to admire. Thanks to all the team and the management for providing a great experience.”

Andre Micallef

Manager at The Harbour Club

“Lightspeed is something which has changed our outlook on the service, because it has made it much more fluent, much more easy for us to operate, especially during a busy night. The information that is available to you from the system is incredible. All in all- it’s the complete package.”

Aaron Sammut

The Wembley Store

"At The Wembley Store, we are very happy with the software applications implemented - they are user friendly, practical and efficient. I truly recommend Progressive; they’re genuine, reliable & responsible."

Richard Falzon

EF&Co Certified Public Accountants

"Progressive do not just sell the software, but follow a client all the way, especially during implementation phase thus ensuring that the system is up and running without any issues. Well done and keep up the good work."

Fabian Fenech

IT Manager at Excelsior Hotel

“We been engaging the services of Progressive on a professional basis for around 10 years. We have always found them to be helpful, reliable and attentive to our needs. Their representatives are very flexible and accommodating, and have even responded to our emergency queries during the night. In some cases, they even came to our workplace to provide assistance during the night so as not to disrupt our systems which are required on a 24 hour basis. We would highly recommend Progressive to any interested customers.”

Adrian Hili

Chef & Owner at Terrone

"The reports are fantastic, simplifies the way we use menu as well, it makes it easy to brief the staff. It’s good for data keeping and reports, you can see what we’re selling and what we’re not selling, it has made things more efficient. Thumbs up, highly recommend!"

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